Navigating marriage, kids, work, and family can be a tumultuous journey in this day and age where expectations are impossible and time is an elusive notion we can’t seem to get enough of.  So what happens when you try to blend two cultures of the world that are impossibly at odds and throw four kids and about five dozen family members into the mayhem? What if one of you is part of a hated and misunderstood minority that is the whipping boy for all that is wrong in the world?  How do you raise fearless kids and help carve a future for them where their last name doesn’t elicit fear or invite verbal or god forbid physical abuses?

I stumbled into this idea of blogging as a way to throw my voice out into the world and perhaps, by sharing some snapshots of our life I could dispell some myths by offering up another version of the Arab world that is to many one wrought with suspicion and fear. I hope to offer a different perspective by inviting you into our world to travel with us around the world, to sit at our table for meals, to share in the joys and frustrations of bringing two families together.  Salam Alayakoum!